Octavian ichim

Bucharest, 9. August 2021

Lidl Digital Romania: the IT Competence Center becomes a Schwarz IT Hub

IT Competence center of excellence opened in Romania

Lidl Digital Romania, the IT center of excellence providing e-commerce and management solutions for the digital platforms of the international network Lidl, will become Schwarz IT Hub, a subsidiary of Schwarz IT.

Schwarz IT is a IT service provider of the Schwarz Group and responsible for the international coordination and implementation of IT infrastructure and IT solutions and their adaptation to business requirements. The IT solutions are used in over 12,900 stores in more than 30 countries where the Schwarz Group is represented.

"We are very proud of the activity of the IT Competence Center opened three years ago in Romania and look forward to embarking on an extraordinary new path in the international Schwarz family. Nowadays, companies cannot be developed without IT solutions, and these are only useful if they can be adapted to the needs and dynamics of the company. We, the Romanian team of Schwarz IT Hub, together with our colleagues from the group, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the companies and develop innovative IT solutions using the latest technologies," said Octavian Ichim, CEO of the Romanian subsidiary Schwarz IT Hub.

The Schwarz IT Hub offers

Until now, the company offered e-commerce and management solutions for digital platforms in the international Lidl network. Now Schwarz IT Hub offers services to all companies in the group in more than 30 countries. Thus, Schwarz IT Hub, the Romanian subsidiary, helps provide digital solutions for Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion and PreZero.

Schwarz IT Hub is known for its expertise in implementing and developing end-to-end and omnichannel solutions for e-commerce, with expertise in areas such as integrating payment methods (Paypal, SEPA and BNP) and creating a positive customer experience through personalized product recommendations. At the local level, Schwarz IT Hub's expertise includes support in the digital transformation process (from web development to migration, integration, and support), the management of software testing processes using agile methods, but also the application of agile principles in organizational transformation processes. Technologies used include SAP S / 4 HANA, cloud programming, JAVA, .NET, Go, API, Data Science, machine learning, A / B testing.

Schwarz IT Hub offers an inclusive work environment in modern spaces, where all employees speak English and work with more than 20 development technologies and various SAP environments. Working hours are flexible and adapted to pandemic conditions, with employees able to choose whether to work from home or in the office.

In addition to challenging projects and an attractive salary package, employees benefit from various professional and personal development programs, health services, gym memberships, book lending subscriptions, access to electric bicycles and special benefits for employees with children.

More about the Schwarz Group and Schwarz IT

The Schwarz Group is an international retail company with around 500,000 employees worldwide and over 12,900 stores in more than 30 countries. The Schwarz Group consists of the two retail brands Lidl and Kaufland and is headquartered in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg. Schwarz IT INT Holding GmbH is the Schwarz Group's technology partner and, as an e-commerce specialist, has been developing the retail company's digital business models for over 13 years. Schwarz IT is headquartered in Neckarsulm and Berlin and has technology centers in Barcelona, Bucharest, and Sofia.


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