Employee SGS Barcelona

Barcelona, 6. September 2023

Pau Almirall, Front-end Department Leader

During his professional career, Pau has had the opportunity to work in various small to international companies.
Since 2019, Pau has already joined the Schwarz Group companies. We want to know what he particularly likes about his current job.
"By being a large and flexible company, we can develop our products without sacrificing quality or scope. Our main focus is on software development. For example, in my last project I worked with my colleagues to build the Lidl e-commerce website"

What do you like most about your job?
"I have very talented colleagues and enjoy learning from them every day. But most of all, I appreciate the many opportunities my job gives me. Whether it's stepping out of my comfort zone so I'm always developing, or meeting many colleagues and expanding my network."

What qualities support you the most in your daily work?
"Since joining the company, I have realized that my personal soft skills add real value to the projects and teams. In a multi-country and multi-cultural company, soft skills, such as communication and collaboration, are key to success."


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