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Optimized Logistics: Reporting in Real Time

To improve and increase the productivity of operative logistics processes, we created a user-friendly reporting solution for warehouse employees that allows Lidl to efficiently and transparently monitor and optimize day-to-day operations in near or real-time.


The challenge

Lidl has been expanding its range of products for customers for some years. More and more new and innovative products are created or included - at ever more locations around the world. Logistics and supply chains have long been complex, and are becoming even more so. That is why previous solutions were increasingly showing the limits of their capabilities: Data from the various system landscapes was being stored locally, without any connection to existing cloud solutions. This led to isolated key performance indicators and reports in different modules – many of which were only available after day-end closing in the relevant source system. It was barely possible to perform comparisons between the different system landscapes, or to create cross-system reports. So, it was time for a faster, contemporary and forward-thinking reporting solution. 

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The solution

With MORE (MicroStrategy Operatives Reporting Logistik), we focused on near or real-time reporting to improve goods control and goods availability within the growing Lidl assortment, and on increasing the productivity of the operational logistics processes. This required us to incorporate various source systems, which take data entered locally in the warehouse and then store it centrally in our Cloud Data Warehouse System, before making it available to other projects, systems and units. We are particularly proud of the human-centered design of our cockpit solution for local warehouse employees, which now contributes to increased efficiency in warehouse logistics with an easy-to-use interface for warehouse management.

At a glance

  •  It all starts with a person, and with close cooperation (solution-driven organization)

  • Connection of five systems (SAP EWM, ZFM Softhouse, Quintiq, etc.) to the new reporting solution

  • Construction of a data model for shared understanding in the department and in IT

  • Specialist, technical and organizational planning of data infrastructure

  • Development of a MicroStrategy report prototype for test usage

  • Final development of the user-friendly control cockpit for warehouse employees

  • Development of an authorization model for operational use in various warehouses worldwide

  • Simulation of live operation and trial with a partner country

  • Specialist, technical and organizational planning for rollout and operation

  • Creation of documentation for users and subsequent training

  • Creation of timelines for country rollouts

  • Setup of support for any dashboard queries arising

Our tools

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