Employee SGS Barcelona

Barcelona, 6. September 2023

Alejandro Palau, SAP & Fullstack at Schwarz Global Services Barcelona

Where and when did you start with us and where are you now?

“I joined the company five years ago as a Software Engineer and I have since advanced to the position of Senior Engineering Manager. I am glad to work for a company that fosters professional growth and recognizes commitment. After developing software myself for more than 15 years I'm excited to work in a leadership position where I can continue my professional development.”

How would you describe your work at Schwarz Global Services Barcelona?

“I strive to unlock the full potential of every team member by fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. I am committed to helping my teams grow both professionally and personally, and I work to provide them with the resources, tools, and training they need to succeed in the Schwarz group. I contribute to designing strategies to build a dynamic and high-performing organization that competes on the global stage.”

Why would recommend others to come to us?

“Joining the Schwarz Group offers up a world of opportunities for professional growth and development with an excellent work-life balance. The company's international activities give employees access to multiple teams and exciting projects. You will have the chance to advance in your career by working and experiencing a work environment that encourages your well-being.”


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