Identify Potential within our Business Processes

Using data and artificial intelligence, we continually improve the processes at the companies of Schwarz Group, and develop new tools and applications. Our goals include reducing costs, minimizing risks, improving the customer experience, and improving environmental protection.

Vittuelles Teams Meeting

What we do

As a leading retail company, the Schwarz Group touches the lives of millions of customers every single day. The BI, AI & Data unit makes a significant contribution along the entire recycling chain as well as in the production of own-brand products and in the subsequent preparation of recyclable material. The process as a whole generates data that is provided centrally to the whole Group, accurate to the previous day. This enables the Group to react in a timely fashion to market developments, such as purchaser price or behavior changes. We work with each department to make use of innovative solutions. Our goal is always the continuous improvement of cost structures, environmental protection and customer experience.

At a glance

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Operative analytics

  • End-to-end data quality

  • Real-time data provision

  • Smart data catalog

  • Data migration

  • Forecasting

  • Data platforms and systems

  • Web mining and text mining

Our tools

Tech Stack