Networking of Department with IT

We advise the departments in the companies of Schwarz Group with regard to all IT queries. Whether it’s a major project or a minor requirement, we always look for the best possible solution.

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What we do

As advisers for the companies of Schwarz Group, we are always at the cutting edge of technology and support our departments with all IT-related queries. We have experts on all topics in the Retail, Recycling and Production areas. As required, we arrange interdisciplinary Excellence Clusters within the Schwarz Group to bundle skills and connect experts. Nothing is impossible for us: Our high level of creativity always helps us to find a solution. To retain and expand that high level of knowledge, we naturally also provide our employees with a wide range of training opportunities.

At a glance

  •  Process-oriented consulting

  • Project management

  • Creation of skills networks within the companies of Schwarz Group

  • Planning, execution and facilitating workshops

  • Evaluation, selection and recommendation of tools

  • Cooperation in interdisciplinary teams

  • Monitoring IT trends

  • Development of forward-thinking IT concepts

  • Bundling IT-specific knowledge

Our tools

Tech Stack IT Consulting