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Ensure Frictionless IT Operation

We are internal service providers and technology partners, developing and providing cross-division on-premise and cloud services for the operation of the application landscape in the Schwarz Group.

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What we do

We have a very diverse field of work within the Schwarz Group: For example, as ever more is required of cloud solutions, we are working on a concept for future-proof infrastructure and implementing the latest technology to ensure that we keep up with the demands of tomorrow. Our tasks also include protection from cyber risks in all technology areas. This area is becoming gradually more important, as only outstanding cybersecurity can effectively advance the digitalization of a company. Only in this way, can the Schwarz Group achieve more digitalization and connectivity. We also ensure that core processes operate reliably within the company. Last but not least, we automate standard processes so that employees can concentrate on their core tasks.

At a glance

  • Control of cloud transformation for the companies of Schwarz Group

  • Infrastructure services that are provided internally as self-services

  • Implementation of technological innovations for the entire Schwarz Group

  • Protection from cyber risks in all technology areas

  • End-to-end automation to reduce manual tasks

  • Workplace and communication solutions that simply work

  • Conception of future-proof IT infrastructure

  • Creation of stable technical services