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Merchandise Management System On the Move

Lidl is aiming to use its own container ships to steer away from transport difficulties in global trade. At Schwarz IT, we had to implement a totally new merchandise management system tailored to “shipping”. 

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The challenge

Prices for maritime cargo transport have been on the rise for some time now. The effects of the pandemic, increased energy costs and supply bottlenecks mean that the cost of transporting goods by sea has gone through the roof. That is why Schwarz Group decided to ditch the dependencies by buying container ships to reduce costs and steer away from transport difficulties in global trade. The previous merchandise management systems within the Group were unable to meet the specific demands of the shipping industry. Therefore, a new system had to be selected, constructed and set up in short order.

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The solution

In an international project, with an interdisciplinary, globally-operating team, we worked to select an ERP system specifically for shipping and to license this system and then implement and provide it as SaaS (software as a service); and all at very short call! The result of all our work was the construction of a software solution for a completely new field of business for Schwarz Group.

At a glance

  •  Licensing, configuration and implementation of an SaaS (software as a service) set-up

  • Construction of completely new systems for merchandise management, loading plans, shipping reporting

  • Conclusion of contracts incl. data privacy, data security, support agreement

  • Cooperation with international teams

  • Selection of shipping software