Secure the Future Sustainability of Our IT Systems

To protect the companies of Schwarz Group from cyberattacks, we operate the central Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) for Schwarz Group for cybersecurity. We advise the central IT and departments on the ISMS security specifications and execute risk analyses in the context of cybersecurity.

We also ensure the security of one of the largest SAP landscapes in Europe by conceiving, automating and providing consultancy on Security & Compliance solutions for SAP systems.

We develop use cases for the automatic recognition of cyberattacks, management of security incidents and execute internal red teaming missions to identify security-relevant vulnerabilities.

We are responsible for cross-platform security solutions at Schwarz Group. We operate the Vulnerability and Attack Path Management solutions at Schwarz Group to automatically recognize security-relevant vulnerabilities and rectify these in a timely fashion.

At a glance

  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

  • Security consulting

  • Cyber defense

  • Threat exposure management

  • Cyber security solutions

  • SAP security and access

  • Red teaming

  • Pentesting

  • Security awareness

  • Cyber resilience management