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Connected Systems for State-of-the-art Purchasing Processes

Thanks to the digitalization and automation of food purchasing processes, Lidl will be able to leverage cutting-edge systems to optimize the range of products in a modern and transparent manner.

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The challenge

The rapid growth of Lidl over the last few decades has also posed new challenges for incoming goods and associated processes: For, expansion not only means an increase in the variety and volume of the product range, it also gives rise to more regulatory requirements. These include certification of foodstuffs, statutory conditions to be taken into account and ever more Lidl countries or markets with their own specific requirements. Legacy purchasing processes were no longer adequate and could not map the increased dynamism of the market with regard to the development and introduction of new products.


The solution

The “Prozesssoftware Food” (Food Software Process) project will allow us to optimize the entire purchasing process: from the initial idea (such as meat-free hamburger patties), to drafting supplier contracts and then including these in the merchandise management system for individual countries and stores. In the future, all of this will be mapped in a connected system. This will not just reduce effort and expenditure for purchasing, but will also open up new optimization potential.  These will include topics such as automation, time-to-market, end-to-end monitoring and the transformation from on-premise to cloud solutions. The goal: an even better and even wider range of products for Lidl customers.

At a glance

  • Reduced costs and effort for purchasing

  • Automation of previously manual processes

  • Faster time-to-market for new products

  • End-to-end monitoring and tracking for the entire purchasing process

  • Transformation from on-premise to cloud solutions

  • More variety and freshness in the food assortment

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