Sofia, 3. April 2022

Hard Work and a Bit of Luck – The Story of Emil Sabev


International experience

Emil’s interest in IT and computers dates back to his early childhood. Back in 2001, his aspiration to develop in the industry and gain international experience led him to the UK. After polishing his English and his IT skills he was gaining knowledge in small and big-size IT companies. He uses every minute of his spare time to invest and develop his professional skills.
Throughout the years, Emil obtained certificates in the networking field of IT, such as Cisco and Checkpoint and ITIL.

Back to the roots - Dream position: Network Administrator

His decision to come back to Bulgaria is a key milestone in his life.
‘I have always wanted to come back. I knew well what I wanted: some sabbatical time to upgrade my knowledge with the next level of security certification programs, and find an employer that would offer a solid experience and the opportunity to work in an international environment’.

One day he saw a job advertisement where Schwarz IT (at that time Kaufland Service) had announced ‘the dream position’ - Network Administrator. He first hesitated to apply however after 3 months, he saw the same job advertisement again and the rest is history.

A week later, Emil is hired and starts his journey at Schwarz IT. The company does answer his expectations, and he is thrilled to solve complex problems every day.

‘Our client is Schwarz Group and we support thousands of colleagues from all over the world. This further elevates our purpose to provide excellence as every country comes with its specifics’.

Growing beyond your limits at the Schwarz Group

Since the start of the pandemics, Emil and his colleagues have overcome numerous challenges. ‘In a nick of time, we had to prepare thousands of colleagues for a fully remote work mode. It meant securing new equipment, expanding the network capabilities, and much more. But we did it timely and efficiently!’

Emil can point out numerous projects requiring constant development and applying the latest IT technologies and learning. Fortunately, Schwarz IT heavily invests in learning and development programs. ‘The company would gladly support me anytime when I express interest in gaining more experience. Apart from our comprehensive in-house training, we are encouraged to select other courses that would enhance our knowledge, says Emil.

What is the spice that makes Schwarz IT Bulgaria a preferred place to work?

‘Here you don’t feel like you are working FOR the company but rather that you are PART OF the company. What I appreciate most here is not the great perks, the lovely office, the flexibility we have, and the international environment – although they are all great. It is the people here who are making the company special.‘

Would Emil recommend Schwarz IT Bulgaria as a cherished employer?

‘Well, I do not think there is such a thing as a perfect employer, but Schwarz is pretty close to it. And here comes Mark Twain’s quote to help me say what I think about my company: ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ It is how I feel now, and Schwarz IT made it possible!’