Sofia, 15. November 2022

We Speak Openly and Share Knowledge in Order to Improve - The Story of Maya Tsvetkova

Maya holds a master’s degree from Aarhus University, Denmark. Upon her arrival to Bulgaria, she started her career in IT. 10 years later, in the beginning of 2020, she joined Schwarz IT Bulgaria. Maya is a mother of 2 kids and her whole family is keen on technology and IT world.

1. What is the path you have followed in the company?

I joined Schwarz IT in the beginning of 2020 as an Agile coach in SAP development department. In July 2022, I changed position and became the Department lead of one of the teams I previously was Agile coach to – the very talented ABAP developers from SAP Administrative team. 

2. What was the first thing that impressed you at Schwarz IT Bulgaria?

I was impressed how easily my voice is heard. All my ideas were discussed and if agreed on, put to action. I was trusted as a professional and got the freedom to implement changes into the teams I was assigned to work.

3. What has been your greatest achievement at the company?

What made me feel joy and pride the most was to see the change and acceptance in people who had been resistant to agility at first. My way of persuasive technique was to influence by explaining the positives of the change from their perspective, instead of simply saying how it 'should be'. In my current position as department lead of SAP Administrative team I am extremely proud of the relationship we have built within the team. We speak openly and honestly and we share knowledge constantly in order to improve.

4. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned on the job?

I have learned that at Schwarz IT hard work is always recognized. Also, here I have experienced the benefits and beauty of having an empowered and collaborative team.

5. What challenges do you face and what helps you to overcome them?

Quite often I have to participate in challenging conversations. What I find beneficial in these situations is to use empathy, to try to see the perspective of others, so that together we can find the right path.

6. What motivates you to develop?

It is no secret how fast the IT world is changing. Our company is also constantly improving. I am amazed by my colleagues every day when I see how they thrive to develop themselves, to upgrade their skills and share all of this with the team. This dynamism is a great motivator for me and I wake up in the morning with excitement of what the day will bring me.