Empolyee Schwarz Global Services Barcelona

Barcelona, 12. June 2024

Daniel Arjona, Vulnerability Management department leader at Schwarz Global Services Barcelona

Daniel has been in the Cyber Security field for more than 7 years where he had the opportunity to work for different companies. Initially, he was mainly focused on technical tasks like conducting regular security assessments such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and third-party evaluations by using different tools and methodologies. As his career progressed, he transitioned into team management responsibilities.

The Vulnerability Management team is taking care of all the operational processes related to the assignment, addressing, reporting, and monitoring of vulnerabilities as well as developing and maintaining the Vulnerability Management platform of the group.

What do you like most about your job?
“In the Vulnerability Management team, we collaborate closely with different departments, all aiming for the same objective: mitigating security risks. Being part of a team that directly contributes to enhance the overall cyber security posture of the company can provide a sense of accomplishment. I also love collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds as well as cultivating and inspiring teams.”

Why choosing SGS Barcelona?
“Schwarz Group brings together people from different backgrounds, cultures, and expertise. Employees can benefit from exposure to different ways of thinking and problem solving, which can lead to more innovative and creative solutions. Our multicultural atmosphere provides a dynamic and enriching environment that fosters creativity, global awareness, and personal growth with an excellent work-life balance.”

How would you describe your team?
“The team is composed of 8 dynamic, enthusiastic, and young people with different backgrounds and profiles. With a combination of vulnerability supporters, administrators, and software developers, we synergize our efforts to align goals and achieve remarkable outcomes as a team. I'm very proud of the team environment we have built together.”