Employee SGS Barcelona

Barcelona, 6. September 2023

Nicholas Fiorendi, Web Applications Team Leader

From November 2022, Nicholas Fiorendi and Guillem Vivó have been nominated Co-Leads of Barcelona’s Salesforce Developer Group. The goal of the group is to have fun while learning and sharing knowledge about development in Salesforce.

"In this case, it is a customer self-service website. Meaning the customer can use it to contact customer service directly, get business and product information, and read about how they can get a refund for an item, for example, via an FAQ.

We also developed the internal ServiceNow system, which helps employees manage all internal IT processes. That's also what excites me: my work has a direct and tangible impact on such a large company with more than half a million employees.

I also like the fact that horizontal development is encouraged at Schwarz. For example, employees here have the opportunity to move from one department or team to another."

By the way, we are still looking for reinforcements! A willingness to learn, openness to change and "buen rollo" (good humor) are important to us, because technical skills are much easier to teach than a positive attitude