Employee SGS Barcelona

Barcelona, 6. September 2023

Steffen Wanner, Frontend & Fullstack Team Leader

Prior to joining the IT Hub in Barcelona, Steffen started as a team leader in e-commerce Java at Schwarz IT in Germany. He was involved with his team in the implementation of the Lidl online store. Steffen had already found a great functioning team there and had the opportunity to contribute his experience in software development and leadership from day one. He then got the chance to help build up the development area at the IT Hub in Barcelona.
We are curious and asked him why he does the job he does today:

"Because I would like to create the environment in which I would feel comfortable as a developer myself. In the last 10 years, I have been able to get to know different companies, cultures and areas. With the experience I have gained, I try to combine the best of all worlds in my field so that my colleagues find a challenging, exciting, and good working environment in which they can grow themselves. In doing so, I regularly seek feedback in order to jointly drive this design forward."
And what do you like most about your job as Frontend & Fullstack Team Leader?

"In my current position I can combine my passion, software development with the area of employee development and strategy. To accompany a colleague from junior to senior engineer is a great feeling. Also, we are still a young hub in Barcelona, so I can bring my experience to build the development area."