Sofia, 22. May 2022

"Motherhood filled me with the strength to dive into the world of IT"

Sevil Zaimova, Java Developer at Schwarz IT, shares her story of the path to the dream job

Sevil Zaimova is the mother of a young son and has been a programmer at Schwarz IT for two years. In autumn she will write her master's thesis in Information Systems and Technologies at UniBIT. She manages the balancing act between family and career in an exemplary manner.
Sevil comes from Madan, a small, quaint town in the Rhodopi mountains. She studied business administration at Pamukkale University in Turkey. After graduating, she moved to Plovdiv to work as an administrative manager in a small e-commerce company. In 2017 she moved to Sofia and started working in a call center as a customer service representative for Hilton in English and Turkish.

Outside the comfort zone

Inspired by her brother, Sevil decided to take on a new challenge in the IT area. Supported by her husband, Sevil took the opportunity to study again during parental leave. She knew that there would never be a right time to leave your comfort zone. For this reason, she has registered as an IT intern at the Schwarz IT Academy in Bulgaria.

The dream job and Schwarz IT Bulgaria

When she joined the company, Sevil was very motivated and showed rapid development as an IT expert. She is grateful for her mentors and colleagues for her professional success and is a real team player. A successful team, good communication, mutual understanding and tolerance convinced her to stay at Schwarz IT. “We support each other, we help each other and we understand each other even in difficult times. We are more than colleagues, ”is how she describes the spirit of Schwarz IT.

Today Sevil is part of the Build and Deployment Tools team and participates in the One Developer Journey project development. The focus of their work is to provide solutions for the environments and tools they use when developing apps. Recently, she had to change her project and immerse herself in Golang, a new developer language.

A look at the IT area

Sevil is convinced that Schwarz IT is a good example of how women and men complement each other perfectly and can achieve mutual success. Flexibility, multitasking, sensitivity and creativity of women contribute to increasing the efficiency and improving the quality of the product and the work process in the IT industry.

Life is more than just work

Sevil admits that it is sometimes difficult to take time for yourself and your family. Nevertheless, she manages to travel with her small family, to visit new places, in order to escape the stress of everyday life.