Vasil Mihaylov

Sofia, 31. May 2022

"My dream is to become a software architect one day" - The Story of Viktoria Kozhushkova

Viktoria Kozhushkova holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of National and World Economy. During her student internship, she learned about the ERP system SAP and was fascinated. Before that she was skeptical that a software job would fit her. Later, however, she decided to switch her career path from finance to IT.

What is the path you have followed in the company? What position did you hold at the start and what is your current position?
I started my IT career as an intern at the SAP ABAP Academy of LIDL Digital (Schwarz IT). I didn't have any previous knowledge of SAP technologies, but thanks to daily sessions with our mentor and the group project, I got into the subject quickly. A year later, I was offered a permanent position at Schwarz IT as ABAP Developer Trainee. A few months later, I realized that in the SAP world, consulting is even more promising as it blends IT knowledge with business knowledge. Today, I am in the position of SAP EWM Consultant Trainee.

What was the first thing that impressed you at Schwarz IT Bulgaria?
As early as my interview for SAP ABAP Academy I was impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of my future colleagues. I really liked the office in the Business Park – modern, with nice people, and with a mountain view. All this made me feel that I belonged there. To this day, I am happy with the choice I have made to work here.

What has been your greatest achievement at the company?
My successes so far includes the project in the ABAP academy which solved a real problem – how to distribute the parking spaces outside the office among employees. After this, once I gained more experience, I contributed to the creation of a test framework, which is now widely used by our colleagues to test customizing and new developments in the SAP systems.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned on the job?
I have learned that on the job you can always find something new and more interesting than what is currently in use – you just have to look around. I have never planned to work as an SAP EWM Consultant, but this is my job now and I want to develop myself further in this area. I plan to focus on consulting work, but I would also like to extend my programming skills. IT professionals must keep up with technology trends. My dream is to become a software architect one day.

What challenges do you face and what helps you to overcome them?
The work is dynamic in the sense that business requirements are constantly changing. There have been times that I have felt overwhelmed but with the help of my senior colleagues, I came up with a solution.

What motivates you to develop and work?
Schwarz IT Bulgaria is a great place to work at, as it offers many opportunities. Proactivity and diligence are always encouraged and rewarded. This is why take up various tasks and endeavors and when I accomplish them, I feel satisfied and am motivated to continue working and developing myself.